Thank you Its finally arrived, The birth of MusicGla. It’s been an extremely busy year prepping for this very special project and I could not have done it without #TeamGla. I hope you enjoy the site, the sound and the visualizations. First off I’d like to Honor my Mother for always allowing me to be a free spirit and letting my creativity sour, God for being my grounding force, my Family & Friends. For those of you curious of the music that’s being released in “Somnus”. I’d like to thank Somehow at Sea for offering to let me merge with their crafty Electro sound. Mike Walti has produced and engineered this Album. He is also the male voice that randomly appears on a few tracks. My music Video could not have come together without the orchestrated mind of Helen Cho Anthos . Not only did she believe in my craft but she believed in my vision and is now an amazing friend. She brought on a fabulous crew to the set and made a dream come true. Thank you to: Freddy Germany, Peter Quenelle, Bo Metz, Sandra Choh, Makeup by Alfred, Amy McGuire, Ashley Trottier and the rest of the Crew in LA. The images for this project and website were fabulously brought to life by my fantastic Stylist, Bo Metz based out of Los Angeles. Bo styled Miss G’la in the “Ahh-ha” Music Video and we immediately connected on a pallet of Fur, Color and Retro Magic. The images found on this site are courtesy of: Bo Metz, Micheal Barr-photography and Caroline Ramos – Hair and Makeup. I’d also like to send a shout out to Sebastian Hull. Lastly I’ve been blessed to be able to co-produce my own project and co-design my site. However, this entire site is fully navigated thanks to my good friend Micah Jordan of ATRA Design. He is the Maestro of all things fancy on here. He is also the camera man of my live shows and provides a lot of the live images as well as flyers. Other shout outs: Shelton Theatre, P.O.E.T, Geoffrey’s Inner Circle, Ken and Gloria Jordan, Laurie and Cesar Gonzales, Rene Luna, Street team G’la and design, and all my Bay Area peeps and LA fam. I am truly honored to have you all in my life and a part of my new born baby. Thanks to everyone for your professionalism, creativity and hard work. I can’t do any of this without you.